Monday, October 11, 2010

Reminiscing . . . Favorite MVE memories from Bill K

Bill blows the pitch for the National Anthem
I moved down from North Dakota in the Fall of 1989.  An acquaintance told me about the “New Chapter on the Block” and I showed up the next Monday at the MVE meeting.

During my twenty years in the MVE, I have been involved with the Administration, Performance, Music, Show and Quartet Promotion.  Oh yes - and setting up and hauling risers.

In my opinion, there are several things that make the MVE so special:

  • The Fellowship and Family feeling in the Chapter
  • The Quality Sound (singing) of the chorus
  • The informality the MVE maintains.
I set a personal goal many years ago to:
  1. Sing on the International Stage with a Quartet;
  2. Sing on the International Stage with a Chorus; and
  3. Sing on the International Stage with a Seniors Quartet.
Mission accomplished thanks in great part to the MVE, and all the Men of the MVE!

My most memorable moment:  The Standing Ovation in Anaheim in 1999
My most exciting:  The announcement of our first 5th place Medal (in Portland, 2002).
My warmest fond memories:  Singing in the hotel lobby at 1999 (Anaheim) and 2000 (Kansas City) Internationals (not to mention some of the great hospitality rooms the MVE provided at LOL District Conventions!)
My most prideful memory:  Our first LOL District Championship (2002)

My most embarrassing:  Thanks for not asking!
My most personally satisfying:  Receiving the Barbershopper of the Year Award (BOTY) my second year with MVE.

But - perhaps my favorite memory (which gets renewed, maybe not every week, but at least once a month) is the MVE getting truly involved with a song.  The emotional atmosphere and musicality is truly wonderful.

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