Thursday, December 2, 2010

Barbershoppers Show Their True Colors

This past weekend, the daughter of an a member got married. Randy has been a passionate member for many years and has been hanging out with the Quartet Club guys. The QC guys got together a VLQ (very large quartet) and performed at the reception with Randy front and center. Here's his note back to the men who sang with him.

Bo and all my QC brothers in harmony, I cannot thank you all enough for taking time out of your holiday weekend to perform at my daughter's wedding reception. I'm humbled by the generous contribution of your precious time, not to mention your outstanding talents.

I was so fortunate to be positioned front center during our performance, and therefore able to hear the pure ensemble sound everyone produced. It was gorgeous! My daughter also noted the same in the ensuing ruminations on the days' events. She was so impressed with number of guys who participated!

Nathan - the groom - had his favorite cousin and his wife in attendance, who also sing semi-professionally. (You may have heard them perform the beautiful and sentimental "Aurora Borealis" song during the reception.) The feedback from them was equally enthusiastic. And, obviously my brother, Rick, is a huge fan. Thanks for putting up with . . .er, I mean teaching him a tag!!

Since I was preoccupied high-fiving you all after we finished, I was completely unaware of the "standing O" occurring behind me. As I turned toward the 150-person crowd, I was taken aback by their overwhelmingly enthusiastic response! I couldn't have imagined a more gratifying reward for all your efforts!

(There is a video of the performance, which I hope to share with you all sometime soon!)

Special kudos to Bo & Bill for their extra efforts to make this happen. The fraternity we share in this incredible hobby is just indescribable, and again, I thank you all. Your performance transformed an already-memorable event into a life-changing one for all in attendance.

Your eternally grateful brother in harmony,