Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Reminicences ... An Oral History of the MVE - Harry H

As part of our 20th anniversary celebration in 2009, the chapter newsletter editor asked several of the founding members to share some comments with the rest of the chorus. These are their stories.

After 13 years in the Society I decided it was time for more challenge. Rather than transfer my membership to another competitive chorus I decided to explore the possibility of creating a more highly motivated chorus in our area.

I called 12 or 13 quartet men that I knew were hungry for a challenge as well, and we held a meeting to determine if this was a feasible undertaking. After a short time at this meeting it was determined that we would form what has become the Midwest Vocal Express we know today.

I served as President for the first two years and Music VP a couple of times. I have
been very involved in the Performance Team, and have taken on the costume and prop design for several of our most memorable contest packages (notably the Green Army, Fish and Penguin sets – Ed.). I have also served on our Director Selection Committee twice.

I love the environment created when 75 men have a common goal of changing people’s lives through our excellent performances. It feels good to be a part of something so special that people all over the Society talk about our performance packages, and set us as their benchmark.

There have been so many great memories. Our first International competition (New Orleans Set, Anaheim, 1999) was special. I remember that after the curtain closed following our performance, I was literally picked up and bear hugged by one of our “Big Guns” Keith S. 

I’m not sure anything will top the feeling I had when we got the 38-second standing ovation in Montreal before we even sang a note as the curtain opened to reveal our “Green Army” set. And then there were the “Fish”.

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  1. Harry - thanks for sharing these thoughts on what your vision was when you founded the MVE. You have every right to be proud of what the group has accomplished.