Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quartet Highlight - Expedition

In this post, we will introduce you to one of the many quartets associated with the Midwest Vocal Express that we highlighted in an earlier post.

Expedition, the 2009 Land O’Lakes District Quartet Champs, boast two young men who both hail from lifelong barbershop families.

Bryan Z (Bari), now 20 years old, joined the MVE in 1999 at the age of nine. He had the experience of performing in his first International competition that same year in Anaheim, CA. (Rumor has it he was the youngest performer in the entire contest that year.)

Bryan has consistently competed in District contests with various quartets, as well as College prelims, since 2007. He’s currently matriculating at the University of Missouri-St. Louis with a major in vocal performance, under the tutelage of none other than the incomparable Jim Henry.

Left to right:
Jeremy Ganswindt, Tenor (MVE)
Jake Umhoefer, Bass (MVE)
Bryan Ziegler, Baritone (MVE)
Jay Fahl, Lead (seated)
Likewise, Jeremy G (Tenor) grew up hearing barbershop, and joined the chorus at the ripe old age of 11. His first claim to fame was as the “Kid playing with toy soldiers, vamping & unflappable for 15 minutes, while the chorus got organized & squared away with the stage crew” moment at the Montreal competition in 2003.

At 15 years old, his quartet, J-Crew, qualified for the International Collegiate quartet competition in 2007 at Denver, finishing eighth. His second quartet, Expedition, also competed in the 2009 Collegiate competition in Anaheim, finishing tenth. Their LOL District Championship in Oct. 2009 was Jeremy’s first experience competing on the District stage in a quartet!

Josh and Jake U. also lay claim to a deep family heritage in barbershop. Their Mom, DeAnne H. (wife of our own infamous Scotty H.) sings with 2 Sweet Adelines quartets, and has competed multiple times on the International stage.

These talented brothers have both won district championships twice – including Jake’s win with Expedition this year. Josh currently serves as MVE Performance VP, yet somehow finds the time to travel between Milwaukee & Kansas City to rehearse and perform with Central States District Champs Skyline (along with our very own Christmas Show director Tim Z.).

Expedition has been together for just over one year. At the 2009 International contest in July, they took 10th place in the Collegiate Competition, then at Land O’ Lakes District in October, won the District Championship. Jeremy has been a member of the society for 8 years, Bryan for 12 years, Jake for 4 years, and Jay for 3 years.

Top Ten Best things about being in a Quartet: 

10. Getting the chance to do what we love: SING!!
9. Learning from well known coaches
8. Becoming a better singer
7. Singing in shows
6. Learning new music
5. Sharing success with friends (MVE)
4. Meeting lots of people
3. Competing
2. Traveling together
1. Weekend Rehearsals

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