Friday, July 16, 2010

Lock & Ring! . . . . Spotlight on the MVE’s award-winning quartets!

As any man who’s spent even a week in the barbershopping hobby knows, quartet singing is the heart of the sport. Therefore, chapter quartets are, by extension, the heart of every chapter.

The MVE is no exception! The men who step forward to “Lock & Ring” those seventh chords take that extra step of commitment to the art form. Anyone ever seen that BHS T-Shirt, “Singing is Life. The rest is just details”….?

These guys make the art form - and their chapter – their main purpose in life. It’s a labor of love that commands the respect and admiration of their fellow members.

The hours they’re not singing or learning about singing, they’re working hard to improve their chapter life through Board and committee service, and training other members to step into their shoes some day.

It is this spirit that we recognize our quartets in this special feature. The diversity of age, experience, and accomplishment among these men is truly astonishing!

Easy Days
At Ease
Rich Tones
Side FX May Vary

Thanks to the editor of the MVE's in-house newsletter Expressions - Randy Will - for the material for this post. Additional posts to follow that will highlight some of these quartets accomplishments in more detail.

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  1. Found out there is another quartet with MVE ties - PROPEL.